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Saturday, October 25, 2008

What should I do with this blog?

Live-blogging the Singularity Summit was fun. I'd like to keep blogging.

I've long wondered exactly how to set up my online identity/ies. Should I write a programming blog? A political blog? A personal blog? Or some combination? A programming blog would be great for potential employers to see. A personal/political blog would be great for potential friends to see, but might be bad (or good) for employers to see. Combining it all would be most convenient for me.

No decision has meant almost no online presence at all (outside the usual Facebook, etc.), which is probably worse than any mistake I could make mixing up the details of my personal and professional life. So for the time being, I'll just use this blog for the kind of thoughts I might otherwise email to people.

Any suggestions or stories of educational mistakes are welcome.


Blogger David Orban said...

You are not late in enriching your online identity, so if you think that not doing so in the past was a mistake, you should just simply start.

I do not manage multiple identities, simply because I am lazy, and I know I would mix them up. There are dozens of domains that I registered, and manage, and of course I am online in Flickr,, etc. But I am davidorban everywhere, including skype, secondlife, and anywhere I have to register to play.

The fragmentation of our identity comes anyway, through the dispersion of our knowledge, and our reliance on external holders of our capabilities to act. I love GOOG and call it daily my exocortex, but I know what I lose by relying on it. I lose my power of being an individual, just as bacteria lost it 2 billion years ago when they started forming complex cells, and then organisms.

As long as we know, or try to know what's going on, that's ok.

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