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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Singularity Summit - wearable computer

During a break, I met this guy:

He has a wearable computer. In front of one of his eyes is a little computer monitor. He's been wearing one for fifteen years, he says. I had a very brief look at it and it looks great - it was some windowed environment, I guess some kind of Linux. He has a little device to control it.


Blogger Barrett said...

how is it powered? What is the use of it that goes beyond an Ipod?

8:45 AM

Blogger Michael said...

The power cord runs from his glasses down to the input device called a Twiddler2, which I guess acts as both an input device and as a battery.

I don't know what he uses it for, and the Twiddler2 is no longer in production which suggests that no-one's found it very useful. But I could imagine some things. With GPS, you could integrate with a mapping system. You could watch a movie, or read email.

Unfortunately it's not a video overlay on the real world, which would enable all kinds of cool augmented reality things.

11:21 AM


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